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Yamaha Viking Spring Kit

Yamaha Viking Spring Kit


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Yamaha Viking Spring Kits 

Warning! The factory springs are EXTREMELY hard to remove even with a spring compressor. There isn't enough space between the coils to get a standard compressor installed. Consider paying a shop to do the spring swap. Consider buying a special compressor from us or mailing your shocks to us for the swap.

     One of the most common issues with the Viking is a steadily sagging rear suspension. The more you haul and the more miles you put on the Viking the lower the rear will sit as the springs slowly fail. To add to this problem, the factory rear shocks don't have a provision to adjust the ride height at all. You can't raise the vehicle as you need to. Not any more! Shock Therapy has developed a cure for this. Our new Level 1 spring kit comes with two new coil springs that are guaranteed not to settle and fade for the life of the springs and it comes with our CNC machined spring adapters and pre load adjusters. This system replaces your worn out factory springs with our spring adapters, springs and pre load adjusters so you can get the payload capacity back in your Viking as well as raise and lower the car as you see fit. You want 10" of ground clearance, no problem! You want 12" of ground clearance, not an issue at all. You can control it with our pre load adjuster. We offer this adjustable kit for the front shocks too! If you want to raise the front you can with no problem.

     We offer this spring kit in two spring rates.

Standard spring: stock weight up to 250 lbs payload. This is best if you run with the Viking empty and up to 250 lbs of payload. You can carry more weight at any time but you may have to adjust the ride height up to keep the car level if you over load it.

Heavy load spring: consistent 250 lbs of weight up to 750 lbs. This is best if you constantly have a load in the back and sometimes add another 250-500 lbs to it. These springs will be pretty stiff if the Viking is driven with no weight in the rear.

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The front spring kit comes in two spring rates as well. 

STANDARD SPRING RATE: This spring is best for a stock Viking that just needs some ride height put back into it. Best riding spring


HEAVY SPRING RATE: This spring is best if you have a front plow or a full cab added to the car that places a lot of extra weight on the front


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Level 1 spring kit...................$299.95 kit comes with rear springs, rear adapters, rear pre load adjusters, two spanner wrenches for ride height adjustments

Level 2 spring kit...................$559.90 kit includes Level 1 parts PLUS, front springs, front adapters and front pre load adjusters


 Special spring compressor for tight spring clearance removal. Made by Motion Pro. Purchase through any Tucker Rocky dealer