Service & Upgrades

 To learn more about the differences between shock re-valve (RIS) and shock rebuilds, visit out blog article on the topic

Shock Service/Rebuild

How Often to Rebuild Your Shocks.  2.0 reservoir UTV shocks. For UTVs driven off-road 100%, shock oil can break down and seals can wear out. We recommend having your shocks rebuilt after every 2,500 miles or so. Shocks are torn down and cleaned. Thorough inspection for damage/wear. Replacement of wearable items (i.e., seals, oil, and nitrogen recharge). Any worn out or broken parts can be replaced upon customer approval of additional parts pricing. 2.5" and 3.0" UTV shocks. Truck Shocks. Ford Raptor, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, Jeep Gladiator, etc.). For trucks, if it is your daily driver that never goes off-road, we recommend having your shocks serviced every 30,000 miles. If you drive your truck off-road 100% of the time, your shocks should be serviced every 3,000 miles. If you are somewhere in between, try to estimate your percentage of off-road vs. highway and adjust the mileage accordingly.

For more details and to schedule/purchase, visit: Shock Rebuild, Service, & Repair

Shock Upgrades/Valving 

    Ride-Improvement System (RIS)

    Shock Therapy’s internal valving is custom tailored to the driving style of the unit and the different terrains you ride. Here at Shock Therapy we make major modifications to the internals of the shock, as we call it, the heart of the shock. The modifications we perform inside the shock (including the modification of valve size and location) help promote plushness through small chop and chatter, increased bottom out resistance at full compression, and removes stiff ride quality at moderate to low speeds.

    Shock Therapy internal valving is not only for racing applications, but is for recreational riders looking to get the most out of there suspension.

    For more details and to schedule/purchase, visit:  Ride-Improvement System (RIS)