1) Why is the spring rubbing the crossover?  

Cross overs are designed to be rubbed by the spring. Some rubbing will always happen but you can minimize this by clocking your springs.  The installation instructions for your spring kits show you how to clock the springs 180 degrees from each other at the divider.  You can try to clock them 90 degrees from each other and see if the rubbing is lessened.  The springs don’t always have to set at 180 degrees from each other. You may have to find the perfect spot on your spring kit. The goal is to have your spring divider as straight as possible with the shock body. 


2) Why is the spring divider rubbing the shock body?

The spring divider is designed to rub the shock body and this will always be the case. Please refer to the answer #1 to try and minimize the rubbing if possible. 


3)Why are my ride heights too high and/or too low when I set the Pre load and Crossover to the measurement provided in the Video/ written instructions?

    The reason you are sitting too low, or high is because the measurements are starting points.  You may have to add or subtract pre load to achieve proper ride height. All cars are slightly different and adjusting pre load is the way to dial ride height in. 


4) Do I have to adjust my crossovers if I adjust my pre load?

 Yes, after the ride heights are set, you are going to make sure that the distance between the bottom of the crossover ring and the top of the spring divider is about 1.5” in the front and 2.5”in the rear. (WITH DRIVER IN THE UNIT). Always refer to your spring kit instructions for the specific measurements for your unit. 


5) What should my clicker/adjuster (Compression adjustment) be set at?

 Each driver’s compression setting is going to be different according to their driving style. If you have shock therapy RIS your compression settings are going to be set all the way soft. If you have a Shock Therapy Dual rate spring kit, we recommend starting them at all the way plush (Counter Clockwise). You will add 2 clicks of compression at a time if you bottom out your machine. Keep adding clicks until the machine doesn’t bottom out.


6) Do I have to reset my ride heights after I have a few hundred miles on the machine?

 Yes you should double check your ride height because the springs are brand new and will take a set in the first 200 miles. After that they will not settle any more.  


7) Does the unit need to be loaded with passengers when setting ride height?

 Yes, but just the driver in the unit when setting ride heights and crossovers.


8) How important is the ride height?

 Its VERY important, if the machine is sitting too high you can suffer a rough ride. If it is sitting too low you can pre maturely bottom out the machine.


9)Why do I still have rough ride quality after to doing the Ride Improvement System and/ or Dual Rate spring kit? 

 There are a lot of factors that affect ride quality. First you have to check the ride height of the machine, and the crossover gap. If you have double checked the ride height and it’s correct you may have to look into other factors such as wheel offset, tires, air pressure, etc. Some wheel offsets such as a 4/3 or tire sidewall construction can create a lot of feed back and rough ride quality. 


10) How do I send my shock to you or set an appointment?

 Just give us a call and we will get all the information needed to set up an appointment!


11) What is a rebuild?

 A rebuild is replacing all the seals and oil in the shock. This is not valving.  Think of it as a very involved oil change in your vehicle that should be done every 2500-3500 miles. 


12)What is the RIS? 

 RIS stands for Ride Improvement System.  This is where we make internal modifications to the shocks to help promote plushness, bottom out resistance and reduce bucking. In addition to this we offer other products to make your car ride amazing such as dual rate spring kits and anti sway bars. All of which we can package for you to suit your driving style.


13) Are your springs made by Eibach? 

 No, we have our springs manufactured in the USA to the specifications we require. Our springs do carry a lifetime warranty.


14) I bought a TLS (Toe Link Support) Kit for my aftermarket radius rods and the spacers don’t fit?

 Make sure you remove the spacers that are pressed into the rod end or uniball joint in the end of your aftermarket radius rod.  Also remove the black o      rings and utilize our spacers provided in the kit.


15)Can I powder coat my springs or do you offer them in different colors ?

 No, you can’t powder coat the springs.  It will void the lifetime warranty. We only offer the springs in silver.


16) I have a shop and want to become a dealer what should I do?

  Please email dealers@shocktherapyst.com  Please allow 1 week for processing of the application. 


17) What is the turnaround time on products that I have purchased from website?

  Orders typically ship the same day if ordered by noon. If ordered after that, it will ship within 24 hours.  (This shipping time does not apply to all shock products)