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Silent Cross Over Rings for Walker Evans Shocks

Silent Cross Over Rings for Walker Evans Shocks


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Our patented “Silent” Cross over rings are here! Now you can install these rings on your Walker Evans equipped RZR 1000, Walker and Fox equipped RZR 900 and take full advantage of the potential in a dual rate spring system! Just because you have two springs on your shock does not make it “dual rate”. Unless you have a cross over ring on the body of the shock, inside the coil spring, set properly to engage the lower spring during compression, you only have a “dual spring” system and a single, combined spring rate.

When the RZR 1000 was tested, it was designed by Walker to use cross over rings and a true dual spring rate system. Due to the noise the cross over makes when it contacts the spring divider (clicking) the cross over rings were removed. To try and minimize the loss in ride quality, Walker designed the upper springs to go to “Bind” right away in order to bring the lower spring rate into affect and minimize the added body roll. People always ask us why the upper spring in the rear of their RZR 1000 is completely compressed at ride height and the answer is, it is designed to do that. The negative here is that you have no adjust ability as to when you get the heavier lower spring rate and the upper springs are a very light so they will bind quickly. This is why the 1000 responds well to a higher upper spring rate (4 seat, 2 seat upper spring swap).

Currently the only way to get cross over rings on your Walker shocks is to send them to Walker or to your local shock guru and have them completely disassemble the shock, including the top cap in order to thread on the factory cross over rings. This is very expensive. But not any more!

Our patented, “Silent” cross over rings are multiple piece and can be installed without taking your shocks apart! Simply remove the coil springs and bolt these on. They are threaded and can be adjusted up or down to control when you want the heavier lower spring to come into play. In addition they use an o-ring that is impervious to UV rays, temperature and humidity which eliminates all “clicking” noise when the ring contacts the divider! Eliminate nose dive. Stop the front end from dipping down under corner braking. Increase your total bump stage for the biggest jump landings, G outs, wash outs and unexpected hits. Get back the ride quality your UTV was designed to have!

If you have purchased a “dual spring” kit from someone already and wish to make it a “dual rate” kit these cross over rings are the way to do it. Just remove the springs and bolt these on. Now you can adjust at what point in your suspension travel you want the lower spring to come into play making it that much stiffer in the big hits. You can’t buy a multiple piece cross over any where else so don’t wait.

Currently we have “Silent” cross over rings designed for Walker Evans 2″ and 2.5″ shocks as well as Fox 2″ and 2.5″ Podium shocks. It is not a good idea to run a 2.5″ spring on the front of a RZR 1000. The springs will rub the shock body causing damage to the shock. Also, the 2.5″ spring will push sideways on the shock body at full droop which can bend the shock shaft. This is the reason Walker runs a 3″ spring on the front!

Also, we sell our cross over rings on a PER SHOCK basis. Please order two if you want both front or both rear shocks worth. Thank you