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Seal Kits

Seal Kits


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***Each kit contains enough seals to service 1 shock. These kits are meant for customers with advanced experience in shock servicing. For liability purposes Shock Therapy will NOT be providing any support or instruction in the use of this product. If you are unfamiliar with the products on this page or how to use them, please send your shocks to us for service or repair. See THIS PAGE for the services we provide.***

Shock Therapy seal kits are now available for various Fox and Walker Evans UTV shocks. These kits include the very same high quality Viton seals that we use in our own personal and race vehicles! Viton seals have better heat and oxidation resistance than standard seals. They are also more resilient in harsh off-road environments where UV exposure, ozone, and wide temperature swings can contribute to premature failure of standard seals.