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Inner Tie Rod Joint

Inner Tie Rod Joint


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***These joints are sold as a PAIR and REQUIRE an aftermarket tie rod that is threaded for 5/8" Right hand thread***

These joints come standard with our Shock Therapy Complete tie rod kits that can be purchased HERE


Our inner tie rod joints are a great upgrade to the factory option. Our proprietary inner joint is much stronger than stock and still retains stock geometry which helps keep bump steer in check.

The pressed portion of the joint that the ball sits in is thicker than factory and allows the ball to maintain a tight fit. The studs for the rack side are available in both 14mm and 16mm The studs for the tie rod side are 5/8" right hand thread and are thicker than the factory tapered setup for increased strength.


See the image below for comparison.





Benefits of Shock Therapy inner joint and tie rods (From Tech Tuesday 5/3/22).