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Can-Am X3 (72" models) Adjustable Front Anti Sway Bar

Can-Am X3 (72" models) Adjustable Front Anti Sway Bar


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Front X3 Sway bar benefits (Fits 72" models ONLY)

After testing the stock X3 one of the handling characteristics we wanted to improve was the front sway bar. With the factory bar we found it very easy to enter into a corner at speed and dive the nose of the car down onto the front outside tire which picks up the inside rear tire and slows you down. This uneasy feeling can be unsettling and is a huge limiting factor to corner speeds. The key to fixing this is a front sway bar with a higher spring rate that limits the roll over and dive in the corner. With this in mind, we designed our front way bar system with a larger diameter, heat treated bar, stronger bushings and billet bushing clamps as well as a bulletproof set of sway bar links to handle the extra load our stronger bar can provide. 
The most important feature of our sway bar system is it's unmatched adjustability. With three holes to use you can tune our front bar system to YOUR driving style and terrain. Slow mountain trails? No problem, set our bar on the most compliant setting. Fast dunes, aggressive desert racing? No problem, you can set the bar on the stiffer setting. No matter what your driving style is or the terrain you run our front sway bar system can be tuned to fit your needs and improve your stability. When your friends wonder why they can't keep up with you in the turns, don't tell them why, it will be our little secret! 
This kit can be purchased with sway bar links that use a 5/8" rod end so we can utilize stronger 1/2" hardware. Also included is a billet spacer designed to support the link mount on the upper arm and is only compatible w 72" model X3s. This product is only guaranteed to work with stock control arms. Please see our link installation video below


X3 Front Anti Sway Bar and link installation Video (72" Models ONLY!!)