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Polaris RZR XP 900 Models Rear Sway Bar Kit

Polaris RZR XP 900 Models Rear Sway Bar Kit


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If you’re looking for the ultimate control in body roll for your XP 900 look no further than the Shock Therapy newly designed rear adjustable sway bar and link kit! The XP 900 came factory with a thin wall hollow bar that never allowed the correct over extend or twist and commonly led to breaking the sway bar near the bends or even at the bushing block.In the off road environment, the only sway bars that last are solid ones. They have the ability to give the sprung resistance you need and also over extend or twist without breaking, unlike the factory hollow bar. Our adjustable sway bar gives you a solid, adjustable platform to allow for really dialing in your car on any type of terrain. With the 3 hole adjustability you can choose if you like the car a little softer (more body roll) for rock crawling or stiffer (less body roll) for trips where you are more aggressive, say the dunes or open fire roads. Body roll is a personal preference, and our sway bar kit allows you to set it up to exactly how you want it. If you haven’t broken your stock bar yet (you will eventually) then you have an adjustable choice to help you tune your RZR’s handling to the best it can be!

RZR900 Adjustable Anti Sway Bar Kit With Links …………………………..$549.95

RZR900 Adjustable Anti Sway Bar Kit …………………………………………….$399.95