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 ****This product is always in stock!! You must call to order this kit as it requires an electronic adjuster to be installed on each shock and can only be done in shop. Call 623-217-4959 to order your kit today!! There is additional labor to install the IQS****

FOX and Shock Therapy have partnered to sell the new iQS kit.  FOX Factory developed the new iQS upgrade kit, which can turn any 2.5'' or bigger FOX UTV shock into an electrically controlled system. Maximize the hidden potential of your stock Fox shocks with a simple flip of a switch inside the car. This system will work with a stock FOX UTV shock or even your favorite modified setup to bring a more plush ride to your fingertips. Adjust the shocks at any time, on the fly for any terrain you like. Never get out of your vehicle to adjust the shocks again.



 The iQS kit is a great system that allows you to adjust your shocks 100% on the fly, some key factors of the iQS are.. 

-Helps when you are adding or subtracting weight constantly

-Adjusts between soft, medium, stiff on the fly

-Never leave your car to adjust

-Gives you extra bump stage

-Helps with body roll & stability

-Simple & easy adjust-ability


 Call into the shop to set up an appointment to have the iQS kit installed!

Parts included in the kit:


-Wiring harness

-4 electronic adjusters

-Actuator switch

-Zip ties

-Paper template


 *The iQS system can only be purchased & installed through Shock Therapy*

  **Due to clearance issues, the iQS does not work with 900s/1000s & General models with RC2s**