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FOX IBP Shocks for Polaris RZR Pro R

FOX IBP Shocks for Polaris RZR Pro R


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FOX Factory Race Series 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks for the Polaris RZR Pro R deliver position-sensitive damping technology, the latest Dual Speed Compression (DSC EVO) adjustment, and high-speed ready performance in a bolt-on kit. Patented Internal Bypass technology allows for multiple zones of damping control. The result is a comfortable, confident ride with increased damping force through rough terrain. Internal bypass shocks produce more force progressively to control hard bottom-outs, prevent harsh top-outs, and provide an initial catch for landing. Shock fluid bypasses the main piston through a series of bleed holes in the ride zone. As the shock extends past the ride zone in rebound or compression, the bleed holes terminate, forcing fluid through the main piston. DSC EVO features Variable Valve Control (VVC) on the high-speed circuit. VVC doesn't add preload to the shim stack to adjust high-speed damping. The result is more comfort, independent high and low-speed circuits, and increased capacity for big hits. Add clicks of high-speed compression without sacrificing small bump sensitivity. External reservoirs and aluminum shock bodies keep shock fluid temperatures cool for better performance. Type III anodization prevents corrosion to the 3-inch diameter bodies. Fine-tune the shock with toolless wide-range rebound adjusters and crossover rings. FOX Internal Bypass shocks with DSC EVO provide the support, adjustment, and confidence you need while driving high-speed. Tailor your ride exactly how you want without making a compromise.

These will come with Shock Therapy springs.