Upgrading UTV Suspension With FOX Shocks

Upgrading UTV Suspension With FOX Shocks

Here’s a brief overview of the differences between FOX IBP, QS3, and RC2 shocks:

FOX IBP (Internal Bypass):

Price: Starting at $5,899.98 (some are on sale; save up to $2K)

Compatible Models: Polaris RZR Turbo S, Polaris RZR Pro RHonda Talon 1000RKawasaki KRX 1000,

  • Internal Bypass shocks feature specialized valving and design that allows for a wide range of damping control internally.
  • DSC adjuster (dual-speed compression), i.e., two preset options –– high speed & low speed –– for adjusting compression.
  • IBP shocks often have multiple bypass zones within the shock body, allowing precise tuning of compression and rebound damping at various points in the suspension travel.
  • This technology provides more control over the UTV’s suspension, allowing for a smoother and more stable ride over various terrains.
  • Users can fine-tune IBP shocks to match their specific riding preferences and terrain conditions.
  • All IBPs (excluding those for the Turbo S) offer rebound compression as well, making them somewhat akin to a FOX RC2 shock, but with internal bypass.
  • Utilizes a 2.5 inch piston in the rear, and a 2 inch piston in the front shocks.

FOX QS3 (Quick Switch 3-Position):

Price: $2,299.95 - $2,999.95 (depending on vehicle model) 

Compatible Models: Can-Am DefenderPolaris RangerHonda Pioneer

  • QS3 shocks are designed for simplicity and adjustability. They offer three preset compression damping settings (soft, medium, and firm) that can be quickly switched using an external knob or lever.
  • These shocks are ideal for users who want to make on-the-fly adjustments without the need for complex tuning or tools.
  • The three-position adjustability allows you to adapt the suspension to changing terrain conditions or riding styles with minimal effort.
  • QS3 shocks do not offer rebound adjustment.

FOX RC2 (R=Rebound; C=Compression, with 2 Settings for High Speed & Low Speed):

Price: $2,999.95 (RZR 200); $3,799.98-$4,699.98 (depending on which other vehicle model)

Compatible Models: Polaris RZR XPRZR Pro XPRZR XP TurboRZR XP1000RZR S 900 & RZR S 1000RZR XP 900, General 1000, and RZR 200*

  • RC2 shocks feature a remote or piggyback reservoir that separates the shock’s oil and gas chambers, as well as a 2.5-inch bore which allows for greater damping force capability –– improving heat dissipation and consistency in damping performance.
  • Same level of compression adjustability as IBP, using DSC
  • The adjustability offered by RC2 shocks is more detailed and precise than the three-position QS3 shocks, making them suitable for users who demand greater control over their UTV’s suspension.
  • The smaller outer shock body on the RC2s compared to the IBPs also allows one to run smaller diameter coil springs, reducing the weight of the system.
  • Utilizes a 2.5 inch piston in both the front and rear shocks.
  • *The FOX 2-inch Podium shocks are the best performing and only compatible FOX shock available for the RZR 200. Custom designed by Shock Therapy, they are similar to the RC2 shocks as they provide both rebound and compression adjustment (using DSC, for high & low speed compression).


In summary, the main differences between FOX IBP, QS3, and RC2 shocks lie in their adjustability, technology, and vehicle compatibility. Most shocks for high-performance UTV models come with proprietary Shock Therapy valving. All shocks come with custom tailored spring kits that account for the weight of accessories/passengers, typical driving terrain, and more.

  • FOX IBP shocks provide internal bypass technology, with extensive valving for precise tuning throughout the suspension travel.
  • FOX QS3 shocks offer three preset compression damping settings for quick and easy adjustments, though do not offer rebound adjustment.
  • FOX RC2 shocks feature an internal bottom out piston and offer both rebound and compression adjustment. 
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