Polaris GENERAL Shock Rebuild

Polaris GENERAL Shock Rebuild

Shock Rebuild

Do you have a shock that has been visibly leaking out of the shaft or the nitrogen cap? Or have you noticed that your shock is starting to clunk when hitting bumps? These are a few signs that you have a leaky seal and it is time to rebuild your shock before more costly repairs are necessary.

These FOX shocks from a 2017 Polaris GENERAL were shipped to Shock Therapy for a rebuild, and were a bit past due!

Polaris Shock Rebuild

Both shocks had blown seals. One had lost oil and nitrogen and the oil was thick and chunky. 

Polaris shock rebuild

The other had an internal seal that allowed oil and nitrogen to mix. 

Shocks were completely torn down and cleaned. Then we throughly inspected the shocks for damage or wear. New Shock seals were installed. Fresh shock oil was added. Then we recharged with nitrogen.

Polaris GENERAL Shock Rebuild

Shock Rebuild complete and they are ready to be shipped back to their owner.

Just like your engine or transmission, shocks need to be serviced regularly to perform at their best. Shock oil can break down and seals can wear out after 2500 miles or so. We recommend having your shocks serviced on a regular basis to keep them performing at factory specs.

Shocks in need of service can be dropped off or shipped (how to ship your shocks for service). If you have your shocks in for a valving upgrade (Ride-Improvement System) and we notice any issues, we will recommend a shock rebuild at the same time.

We can repair shocks with bent or broken shock shafts, cracked shock bodies and damaged reservoirs. And we can also upgrade shocks at the same time with a Dual-Rate Spring Kit, Valving, Limit Straps and Shock Forks.

More information: Shock Service, Rebuild and Repair

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