2016 RZR Turbo 1000


After months of testing and ordering custom parts that no other company has, our new 2016 XP1000 Turbo RIS kits are here! The new Turbo RZR has many good attributes. Fox internal bypass shocks and a front anti sway bar make this model quite a bit more plush and stable than earlier RZR’s. After extensive testing of the stock set up in terrain from desert, dunes, trail, rock, mud and short course we were dying to dig in and improve the things we felt needed some help. Although the Turbo XP was more plush and smooth through mid size obstacles we felt that it was way too stiff and abusive to your body in the small chop and rocks, but at the same time it was too soft for the big hits like jump landings or dune G outs. Also, the dual spring system on the car utilized a completely collapsed upper spring which contributes to the stiff feeling through half the terrain since the car is riding on the stiffer lower spring 90% of the time.

Our first step was to cure the items on our hit list with internal shock work if possible. After much testing and too many re-valves to count, we nailed what we feel to be the best internal set up possible. More plush in the small chop, stable and confident in the whoops through mid travel and double the bump stage capacity for the big hits. Adjustable from a soft set up in the desert and trails to a stiff set up in the dunes just by adjusting the compression knob on the shock. This is accomplished through extensive internal machine work to the piston, bypass tubes, bypass valving, piston valving and total oil flow capacities. All of this work requires custom tools and tooling to accomplish. The best, single ride quality improvement possible is the Stage 1 RIS kit.

Stage 1 RIS kit, internal shock mods and bypass and piston valving….$750 all four shocks

After getting the most out of our Stage 1 RIS kit we turned to the short comings in the stock spring package. We immediately removed the factory upper, coil bound, tender springs and machined up our Silent Cross Over Rings to engage the lower springs at a time of our choosing giving us the adjust ability to bring the stiff lower springs into play when we want them to be as opposed to having them engaged at ride height like the factory system is. Another issue we cured is the play or slop between the springs and the pre-load collar, the spring divider and lower spring perch. There is as much as 3/8″ of slop with any aftermarket spring and these parts. We machined 6061 aluminum spacers that take up all of this play for a solid, centered spring system. With the addition of custom springs and cross over rings the Turbo XP really wakes up. Our spring kits can be done one step at a time or all 4 at once.

                                                     Level 2 spring kit.

This kit includes new upper rear springs with new silent cross over rings and aluminum spring spacers. These springs are huge. 3.75″ in diameter to fit the factory 3″ rear shocks. By installing this kit you will remove the factory coil bound upper spring and the stiffness is creates. Our spring kit runs a full length upper spring using the whole shock body and gives you the room for cross over ring adjust ability. With this new adjustment “tool” you can control when the lower, stiff spring engages. You can run a much more plush and soft combined spring rate which feels smoother in all terrains and cures the rear bucking in the whoops. This kit can be used with stock valving.

                                                     Level 3 spring kit.

This kit includes all of the Level 2 parts with the addition of new upper front springs, cross overs and spring adapters. This gives you all of the benefits of the Level 2 spring kit as well as more control of the front as well. With the Level 3 you can control the lower spring engagement and use a full length upper spring to gain a smoother ride in the front as well as the rear without sacrificing nose dive, body roll or bottom out resistance. This is the softest riding spring kit available. It is also compatible with the stock valving and does not require custom shock work.

                                                     Level 4 spring kit.

This kit includes all of the parts from Level 2 and 3 with the addition of new lower springs that will add a huge amount of spring resistance in the big hits. With these new lower springs you can run your compression adjustment knobs looser and run your cross over ring engagement points higher for an even smoother ride while still having over 1600lbs of added spring force (over stock) to help stop you in a big hit or bottom out situation. The Level 4 spring kit is best combined with internal shock work. This way our internal work can compensate for the extra spring forces with added rebound control. By far, the best spring kit for every terrain and for the driver who loves to let it all hang out.

Stage 1 RIS. Internal shock mods for a plush ride and more bottom out resistance…….$749.95 all four

Level 2 Spring kit. New 3.75″ diameter upper rear springs with silent cross over rings and spring adapters…$575.60

Level 3 Spring kit. Includes Level 2, plus two upper front 3″ springs, cross overs and adapters….$875.40

Level 4 Spring kit. Includes Level 2 and 3, plus new lower springs 3″ front, 3.75″ rear and adapters….$1,651.00

Stage 2 RIS kit. Includes Stage 1 RIS and Level 4 spring kit………….$2,400.95

We use 3″ diameter springs on the front 2.5″ shocks. We use custom made 3.75″ springs on the rear 3″ shocks. There are no springs made by any manufacture (Eibach, Hypercoil, King, PAC, ect) in the correct spring rates needed for the 2016 XP 1000 Turbo. They are all too light or way too heavy. This is why we had our own springs made. For comparison sake, an Eibach 3.75 x 12″ spring runs $299 to $399 EACH spring depending on the spring rate you choose. Our 3.75″ springs are $199 to $249 individually depending on the length and spring rate. We are the only company with a kit for the 2016 XP1000 Turbo and with multiple spring rates to choose from to fit your needs. Don’t wait, call us today to go over your specific needs and get ready to unlock the amazing potential in your RZR.

An easy way to show you how these items rate in ride quality is to use a 1-10 scale. 1 being a stock 2016 XP 1000 Turbo and a 10 being the best it could possibly ride, here is how all of your options lay out:

1. Stock 2016 XP1000 Turbo RZR ride
4. Level 2 spring kit (no shock work) $575.60
5. Level 3 spring kit (no shock work) $875.40
6. Stage 1 RIS (no spring kit) $749.95
8. Stage 1 RIS with Level 1 spring kit $1,325.55
9. Stage 1 RIS with Level 2 spring kit $1,625.35
10. Stage 2 RIS (stage 1 plus Level 4 spring kit) $2,400.95

We hope this helps when you can see what the best bang for the buck gets you. Give us a call or email us with any questions you may have. Remember all these kits are tune-able for your weight and specific use. Thank you.

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