The Most Important Parts to a UTV

The Most Important Parts to a UTV

If you own a UTV, then you know that having the right parts is critical. Whether you are looking for the right replacement parts or are looking to modify your vehicle, it is important to be familiar with the most important parts of a UTV.

Here, we’ll take a look at the most common parts of a UTV and what to look for when buying replacement aftermarket parts.


Shocks are designed to provide stability while you are on stable roads as well as uneven terrain. Shocks or shock absorbers are designed to transfer the kinetic energy from and transform it into another form of energy (usually heat).

There are a number of different types of shocks available for UTVs. Here are some of the features that you should look at when buying shocks:

  1. High and low-speed compression adjustment
  2. Rebound adjustment
  3. Large remote or piggyback reservoir
  4. Large body
  5. Springs - single rate, dual rate, and air
  6. Preload adjustment
  7. Bottom-out control

Shock Covers

You can add some splash and style to your shocks with attractive shock covers available in a number of styles.

Toe Links

Toe links are designed to keep the rear suspension stable and keep your UTV’s back wheels on the ground. If you travel over seriously challenging terrain, then you will want to make sure you can keep your back wheel on the ground as much as possible.

In addition to keeping your wheels on the ground, toe links are also important for keeping your wheels in the right direction as well as overall handling.

Sway Bars

A sway bar or anti-roll bar is designed to help reduce the body roll of a vehicle. When you are driving your UTV, you may make some fast or sudden turns. This can present a challenge for your vehicle’s wheels. During these sudden or extreme turns, the sway bar will increase the suspension roll’s stiffness.

If you find that your UTV is experiencing some body roll, then you may want to consider upgrading your vehicle's sway bars.

Steering racks

You want to make sure that you have some tight and controlled steering when operating your UTV. That’s where the steering rack comes into play. The steering rack is part of the rack-and-pinion steering system. The rack is a bar that runs parallel to the front axle and moves when the steering wheel is turned left or right. The role of the steering rack is to make sure that both wheels move in the right direction.

If you don’t feel that you are not getting the controlled steering that you’d expect from your UTV, then you will want to consider replacing and upgrading the steering rack.

Ride Improvement Systems

Just because your UTV goes over challenging terrain doesn’t mean that you have to live with a rough ride. A ride improvement system is designed to give you a smoother driving experience no matter what type of terrain is in front of you.

Ride improvement systems are available in various stages. For instance, a stage 1 ride improvement system can offer modifications to the following areas:

  1. Pistons
  2. Shaft
  3. Lower loop
  4. Adjusters
  5. Bypass tubes
  6. Extension spring slider
  7. Valving

There are also stage 2 and stage 3 modifications available. These ride improvement systems are installed by certified professionals who have extensive experience in working with UTVs. If you intend to do some serious driving in your UTV, then a ride improvement system is a must.

Limit Straps

Limit straps are important to custom suspension set-ups and can prevent damage to drivetrain and suspension components. Without limit straps, the force placed upon your shocks by unsprung weight can cause damage to your vehicle’s shocks. Additionally, limit straps can also help prevent damage to your vehicle’s CV joints.

Protective Equipment

Chances are that you are going to take your UTV to challenge places. That can include rocky terrain, woods, mountains, and brush. All of these areas can cause some serious damage to your UTV. However, you can prevent that damage with the right protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

Here are some top protective equipment to consider for your UTY:

  1. Bumpers - This includes front bumper and rear bumpers.
  2. Skid plate - Protect the underside of your UTV with a top quality skid plate.
  3. Door armor - Protect your UTV’s doors with attractive and powerful door armor.

Find the right parts for your UTV

When you are shopping for UTV parts there are some important things that you need to consider. Here are four factors that should help you decide which part is right.

1). Brand name

When you are looking for a UTV part, you will find a number of choices from various manufacturers. If you are looking for a quality part that will last, then you will want to opt for a part from a top brand name, such as Fox.

2). Customer and Editorial review

One great way to gauge the quality of a part is to look at customer reviews. Beyond looking at the overall rating, you should check out the individual reviews and see customer rates, compatibility, durability and the effectiveness of the part. We at Shock Therapy encourage all of our customers to leave reviews on products that they purchase here on our site!

You should also make use of editorial reviews from UTV and off-road blogs and magazines. Typically, these reviews are conducted by people with extensive experience in UTVs and they can give you great ideas on the quality of the part.

3). Look at best sellers

Usually UTV parts are best sellers for a reason. Therefore, you should take a look at the best selling part in a category. Chances are, their best selling part has a combination of being both high quality and providing lots of value. You can view a list of current best-selling UTV components on our home page.

Making the most of your UTV

Your UTV can provide you with lots of utility as well as off-road driving fun. Be sure to improve the ride and the drive quality with the right replacement and aftermarket parts. With the right modifications, you can have an unbeatable UTV that can handle almost anything!

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