The 9 Best Products for the Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R

The 9 Best Products for the Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R

The Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R are some of the most advanced and top-of-the-line UTV’s on the market –– made for high-speed and high-performance –– but there’s always room for improvement. Nonetheless, not all aftermarket upgrades are made equal. Here, Shock Therapy will break down 9 of the highest quality and best products available in the industry to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

1. Dual-Rate Spring Kit (DRS)

Undeniably, the Dual-Rate Spring Kit is the best starting point when upgrading one’s suspension setup. Tailored to the individual’s needs and unit specifications, we consider driver & passenger weight, aftermarket accessories, terrain, driving style, and more. The Dual-Rate Spring Kit provides for increased ride height, increased bottom-out resistance, reduced bucking, smoother ride quality over chop & chatter, no sagging, and springs manufactured in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

2. Limit Straps (Front)

At its simplest, a limit strap is a flexible strap that functions to prevent the shock from fully extending. Especially as one gets bigger tires and wheels on their rig, the ‘clunking’ sound of the shocks dropping out and hanging on the top-out spring is probably a familiar one. Originally tuned for the factory wheel and tire settings, the internal spring will not be stiff enough to arrest extension with heavier aftermarket upgrades –– making front Limit Straps a must-have.

Our patented design features a billet aluminum, laser-engraved upper mount and also prevents the strap from interfering with or getting tangled on other parts when the shock compresses and the strap’s slack increases. Set apart from most other options too, Shock Therapy’s Limit Straps not only adjust but bolt directly to the shock itself –– allowing the strap to be perfectly in line with the shock, thereby limiting the leverage exerted on it and increasing strap life.

3. Tie Rods with BSD

Much stronger than its stock counterpart and featuring a clevis design that eliminates the over extension of the factory inner joint, the Tie Rod Kits from Shock Therapy also come with their patented Bump Steer Delete (BSD) technology –– which effectively corrects issues that lead to steering wheel feedback, an uncontrollable UTV, and ultimately premature front end wear.

4. Toe Links

Made from much higher grade material than the toe links that come factory on the vehicles in question, Shock Therapy’s Toe Links for the Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R also incorporate unique design elements to benefit your ride and ensure component longevity. Addressing the stock cam bolt adjustment which doesn’t lock in place as well as the overly thin tube material which can lead to bending and thus your toe to change while driving –– causing issues with the rear end geometry –– Shock Therapy has the ultimate fix.

  • Made of 1.25" 120 wall chromoly tube to increase strength and eliminate flexing
  • Rosette welded on each end for increased spud strength and durability
  • Machined from one solid piece of 4340 high-carbon steel, the clevises provided in each kit are unmatched in material quality
  • Teflon lined ¾” chromoly rod ends
  • Designed to be adjustable while still on the car (similar to ShockTherapy tie rods).

5. High Clearance Radius Rods

With ⅞’’ rod ends on the entire package as well as left and right hand adjustable uppers, the new Radius Rod Kit comes designed to provide high clearance. Made in the USA, Shock Therapy CNC manufactures the lower joint on the hub side and ⅞’’ rod end on the frame side in-house.

High Clearance Radius Rods


6. Shock Forks

Unlike others on the market, the patent pending design of Shock Therapy’s new Front Lower Shock Forks corrects the element most prone to failure. The problem arises where the fork meets and attaches to the factory shock shaft, where under large stress and especially under side loading conditions, the force shears off the shaft at the threads. Shock Therapy’s new lower shock fork solves this issue –– reinforcing it with a collar at the location of the system otherwise most prone to breakage.

  • Made from 7075 Aluminum
  • Patent Pending shock shaft support design that cures lower fork and shock shaft failures
  • Allows for easy spring installation with fork in place
  • Fits both FOX and Walker Evans shocks for RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R models

7. Front Spring Retainers

Spring Perch

Featuring a two-piece, CNC machined design that helps clamp the shock fork further for even more increased strength, the slim profile of the Front Spring Perches allows for more adjustability –– which can be especially useful on spring kits with limit straps.

8. Ride-Improvement System (RIS)

Shock Therapy’s Ride-Improvement System (RIS) drastically modifies the internals of the shock for a major upgrade in performance –– with internal valving custom-tailored to the driving style of each unit and the different terrains one tackles. The modifications inside the shock result in superior handling and plushness through small chop & chatter, increase bottom-out resistance at full compression, and remove excessively stiff ride quality at moderate & low speeds. Far from being only for racing applications, Shock Therapy’s RIS also supports recreational riders looking to get the most out of their suspension.

9. Sway Bar Links

Shock Therapy’s Adjustable Sway bar links use the largest rod ends on the market! We utilize a ⅝” rod end that is teflon-lined to give you the most miles out of your sway bar links! The industry standard is a ½” rod end that is going to prematurely wear. These are the most durable sway bar links on the market. In addition the hard black anodizing and the billet aluminum will stand out everywhere!

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