Suspension Upgrades for the Polaris RZR Pro XP

Suspension Upgrades for the Polaris RZR Pro XP

Polaris Engineered a Beast of a Machine with the RZR Pro XP

Polaris unleashed the first of a new generation in extreme performance with the introduction of the 2020 64-inch wide RZR Pro XP. Capable, versatile, and agile –– the RZR Pro XP provides enthusiasts with next-level performance.

Shock Therapy Can Make It Even Better

Providing the industry’s only end-to-end suspension solution, Shock Therapy’s comprehensive offering of  RZR Pro XP products and suspension upgrades will leave even the most demanding off-road drivers satisfied.

New Products

Polaris RZR Pro Xp Frame Support

Frame Support

Especially if you’re prone to racing or driving hard –– though even under normal usage, too –– the weakness of the factory anti-sway bar frame tabs tends to result in breaking. Shock Therapy eliminates this problem with an entirely bolt-on design that requires no welding. The Frame Support manages to remain exceptionally lightweight while still massively increasing strength.

Polaris RZR Pro XP Limit Straps

Pro XP Limit Straps

Already known for helping drivers eliminate the clunk of the front-end suspension fully extending –– which becomes an increasingly bigger problem as you run heavier aftermarket wheels and tires –– Shock Therapy now has the solution to the clunk in the rear. With a new and more slim two-clamp design, the Rear Limit Straps achieve the same ideal geometry –– remaining in parallel with the spring of the shock itself so as to maximize the integrity of the system.

Polaris RZR Pro XP Tie Rods

Existing Polaris RZR Pro XP Products from Shock Therapy

Tie Rod Kit, BSD Pin Kit, Swaybar Link Kits, Radius Rods, Limit Straps, Dual-Rate Spring Kit, and Ride Improvement System.

Coming Soon

Adjustable Bar Clamps, which allow for the conversion of the stock sway bar into an adjustable sway bar –– without having to replace it. 

Polaris RZR Pro XP4

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