Dual-Rate Spring Kits from Shock Therapy

Dual-Rate Spring Kits from Shock Therapy

Dual-rate spring kits undeniably ride much better than their single rate counterparts. But there’s a lot more to a true dual-rate spring kit than simply twice the number of springs.

Why Dual-Rate Springs from Shock Therapy?

For starters, for a shock to perform well, it needs to be able to handle a variety of circumstances. A one-spring-fits-all approach simply doesn’t have the adaptability to allow for a plush ride in smaller chop, chatter, or rocks while then still having the resistance to prevent the vehicle from bottoming out on larger jump landings or g-outs. Dual-rate springs are the best of both worlds –– providing plush ride quality in the small stuff, while being stiffer and bucking less in the big stuff.

The design of the system –– specifically the arrangement and location of the crossover ring –– allows us to fine-tune its performance to meet the terrains and riding style of each customer at hand. A true dual-rate system will have two springs that give you a combined spring rate when both springs are used, and then isolating the upper spring so that it does not function, allowing you to jump into the higher lower-spring rate.

As the springs compress you can control when the system gets stiffer with the location of the cross over ring, where the heavier spring rate of the lower spring engages. By changing this engagement location, we can bring the stiffer spring rate in at the perfect time –– keeping your UTV plush when you want it and stiffer when you ramp up the speeds and terrain.

Plus, due to the higher quality materials used by Shock Therapy compared to their stock counterparts, the sagging or settling that most UTV owners who run factory springs deal with will no longer be a concern. Adding preload to the factory springs won’t fix the issue and ride height and ride quality will slowly deteriorate. With our springs, on the other hand, this is not an issue. In fact, we are so confident in our spring quality that we warrantee them for life from breakage or manufacturing defects.

Researched & Tested

Continuing to build upon the already thousands of hours of testing on every model of UTV, we’ve learned nearly all there is to customizing spring kits to meet specific accessory needs, driving styles, and terrain.

Dual-Rate Spring Kit, Ride Improvement System

Custom Tailored

Every UTV is different when you factor in the amount of accessory weight, the terrain it's riding on, as well as the person behind the wheel. Likewise, one size does not fit all when it comes to springs. Soft, medium and hard simply won’t cut it, either. Our shop is not stocked with the same dual-rate spring kit that we simply install on every vehicle, but with hundreds of pallets of different springs. By filling out our very detailed list during the check-out process we can quite literally perfect a kit just for you ensuring maximum benefit to your ride quality.

Quality Manufacturing

  • Highest quality USA made CRsi materials which prevent sagging and settling over time
  • UTV model specific spring dividers made from the best materials
  • Most stringent quality control parameters in the industry:
    • 2% or less rate variance (industry norm is 5-7%)
    • 2 degree or less bow. (industry norm is 5-7 degrees)
    • We use a cold-wound manufacturing process that adds longevity and lowers the potential for breakage. (The industry norm is hot-winding which requires heat treatment and adds a potential point of failure over time). 
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