Ultimate Pro R Upgrade for Rockford Fosgate

Ultimate Pro R Upgrade for Rockford Fosgate

Recently, aftermarket off-road audio provider –– Rockford Fosgate –– brought their Polaris RZR Pro R into our Phoenix shop for an ultimate upgrade. 

Polaris Dealer Show

At Shock Therapy, we strive to push the boundaries of performance and unleash the full potential of off-road vehicles. To achieve this, we equipped the Pro R with our entire arsenal of cutting-edge products for the vehicle, elevating its performance to unmatched heights. 

In total for the Polaris RZR Pro R, we offer:

  • Dual-Rate Spring Kit
  • Ride-Improvement System
  • Toe Links
  • Sway Bar Links (front & rear)
  • Tie Rods
  • Radius Rods
  • Billet Recevoir Caps
  • Limit Straps (front)
  • Billet Short Forks
  • Spring Retainers 
  • Billet Reservoir Caps
  • Shock Savers

Let's dive into the remarkable upgrades that turned this machine into a show-stopping display piece.

Polaris RZR Pro R Dual-Rate Spring Kit

Boasting unparalleled control and comfort, the vehicle's upgrade included our Dual Rate Spring Kit, Ride Improvement System, Sway Bar & Sway Bar Links, as well as polished off the look with the Billet Reservoir Caps. 

Polaris RZR Pro R

Our recently released Seal Savers were also included in the build, protecting the suspension components and extending their lifespan.

Polaris RZR Pro R Radius Rods

As the owner of this impressive off-road machine, Rockford Fosgate plans to showcase it as a centerpiece at various off-road events –– such as the upcoming Polaris Dealer Show. This upgraded Polaris RZR Pro R serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of both Rockford Fosgate and Shock Therapy. The vehicle's presence will undoubtedly attract attention and admiration from fellow off-road enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Polaris RZR Pro R


In the world of off-road adventures, having the right suspension upgrades can make all the difference. Shock Therapy's collaboration with Rockford Fosgate on the Polaris RZR Pro R has resulted in a display piece that showcases the pinnacle of off-road performance. With every product installed to perfection, this beast is set to dominate the trails and draw crowds at the Polaris Dealer Show. Stay tuned for a thrilling off-road experience like no other as Rockford Fosgate and Shock Therapy redefine the boundaries of off-road capabilities.

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